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    Our first test balloon launched flawlessly from the National Weather Service Station near Detroit.  The balloon traveled just over 92 miles southeast into Canada.  The flight lasted about an hour and 15 minutes and we estimate the altitude between 60,000 and 80,000ft.  The balloon splashed down 3 miles offshore into Lake Erie.  The capsule gave us a GPS fix for 40 minutes and then stopped transmitting.  We did not recover the capsule or the camera footage.  It was still a great test and we now know to Launch the 2nd balloon much further west!!  Thanks to everyone for their support on the project and thanks to the MASSIVE amount of media attention that we got from our first launch.  We are re-energized for the next Launch and a full success.  We are looking again for sponsors to join us in the next launch.  Thanks to our current sponsors, Balloons Galore, SPOT GPS, MSU TISM Dept and the School of Journalism.
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 Fox 47 Segment


Space Balloon #1
GPS Data

                                            Director Troy Hale Talks about the
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We are looking for 1-2 Main “On Camera” Sponsors like this: 

We are also looking for Balloon Capsule sponsors

Sponsors will also get their names in the Behind the Scenes Documentary Film that will be produced along with the art/museum installation.

We plan to invite media and sponsors to our Launch Event.  Balloon Footage will be given to all Sponsors for their Advertising.  Some footage will also be shared with the Media for Launch day coverage.

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    Our 2nd Space Balloon launched on Sunday June 30th from Grand Rapids with a payload of 5 HD cameras and real time tracking radios.  The Balloon Launched at 10:40am and traveled to a max altitude of 105,000ft. (almost 20 miles!)

    The balloon was tracked in real time by a team from InterMet Systems of Grand Rapids.  The team tracked it so well, that the chase crew was able to see it land 3 hours later.  It was an incredible experience and we got back some great footage from the balloon cameras.  We have attached some below as well as some media coverage of the event.  Special thanks to Exede Internet, InterMet, Michigan State University, MSU TISM, MSU School of Journalism and MSU Engineering.

First Balloon Launch: 11/29/12

Distance Traveled: 92 miles

Altitude: Estimated 60,000-80,000ft

Launched From: Detroit

Landed: Canada, Lake Erie - Not recovered

2nd Balloon Launch:  6/30/13

Distance Traveled: 150 Miles

Altitude: 105,000ft!

Launched From: Grand Rapids

Landed: Holland Mi. - Recovered

Photo by: MSU Media Sandbox Space Balloon #2

Fox 17 Story

Wood TV

Photo by: MSU Media Sandbox Space Balloon #2

Balloon Pops 105,000ft

Fox 17 Grand Rapids Story

Some Onboard Footage